Online Resources for Studying Medieval Manuscripts

This page is a work in progress, intended mostly as a repository of links that I want to be able to find again easily for my own use. Created February 22, 2022.

Medieval Manuscripts in Great Britain

Manuscript Collections of the British Library (formerly the British Museum)

T. C. Skeat, The Catalogues of the Manuscript Collections in the British Museum, rev. ed. (London: Trustees of the British Museum, 1962). Internet Archive (borrowable)

N. R. Ker’s Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries

N. R. Ker, Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries, 5 vols. (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1969–2002). This catalogue identifies and describes medieval manuscripts in British collections other than the British Library and the libraries of the universities and colleges of Oxford and Cambridge. All five volumes are now “borrowable” from the Internet Archive: