Medieval Liturgy

Online Tools and Databases

Antiphonale Synopticum (remarkable database comparing texts and melodies of all the antiphons in over a dozen sources).

Cantus Index: Catalogue of Chant Texts and Melodies (integration of numerous separate online projects, with links to the individual databases, many of which include digitized images of manuscripts).

CANTUS: A Database for Latin Ecclesiastical Chant.

Cantus Planus (“Regensburg’s Data Pool for Research on Gregorian Chant,” including indispensable .txt files of Hesbert’s AMS and CAO). (Searchable Latin Vulgate Bible, Clementine edition, and literal Douay-Rheims English translation).

Late Medieval Liturgical Offices (a web-port of data collected by the late Andrew Hughes, formerly only accessible on floppy discs with an impenetrable command-line interface).

PRG Database: A Tool for Navigating Le Pontifical Romano-Germanique, ed. Cyrille Vogel & Reinhard Elze.

The Sarum Rite.

Digitized Manuscripts Online


Albi, Bibliothèque municipale Rochegude, MS 44 (30) (*link only works in the Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers, not Chrome): Albi, Cathédrale de Sainte-Cécile, ca. 890. [Cantus Index] [Edition]

Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, ms. lat. 17436: “Antiphoner of Charles the Bald,” Compiègne, Abbey of Saint-Corneille, 860 x 880 (ca. 872?)


Rome, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Vat. lat. 5319 (transmitting the “Old Roman” chant repertory; alas only a scanned microfilm) [Index spreadsheet by Dominique Gatté]


Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, ms. lat. 9428 (Metz, ca. 845–855): the “Sacramentary of Drogo,” bishop of Metz (and illegitimate son of Charlemagne)

Orleans, Bibliothèque municipale, MS 268, pp. 298–99 (leaf from a sacramentary of Fleury, s. ix/x): contains texts for the Nuptial Blessing and for the Blessing of an Abbot or Abbess

Noted Missals

London, British Library, Add. MSS 18031 and 18032 (Benedictine Abbey of Stavelot, Belgium, s. xiii 1/4) Description

Private collection: two leaves from a missal with Laon notation


Cambridge, Trinity College, B.11.11 (some notation; England, s. xv (1430?), prov. Canterbury)

Tropers and Processionals

Rome, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Urb. lat. 602 (troper and processional of Monte Cassino, s. xi/xii)


Cambridge, Trinity College, B.11.9 (noted pontifical of “Salisbury Use,” Canterbury, s. xv (1430?))

Cambridge, Trinity College, B.11.10 (noted pontifical, England, s. xii)


Cambridge, Trinity College, B.14.55 (ritual of Maria Medingen, near Augsburg, s. xv)


Cambridge, Trinity College, B.10.4: includes significative letters (c, s, +) for the chanting of the Passion gospels (England, s. x; prov. Hyde Abbey, Hants.)

Office Lectionaries

Cambridge, Trinity College, B.15.3 (s. xv/xvi)


Cambridge, Trinity College, O.3.54 (Barking Abbey?, s. xv)


Cambridge, Trinity College, R.15.14, fols. 1r–8v: tonary of Saint-Vaast, Arras; fols. 9r–11r: list of Communion antiphons classed by mode (Saint-Vaast, Arras, s. x/xi)

Saints’ Offices

Cambridge, Trinity College, B.2.27, fols. 79v–82v: noted Office of St. Edmund (unknown northern monastery, s. xiv)

Cambridge, Trinity College, O.3.55, fols. 50r–54v: Office of St. Cuthbert; fols. 68v–69v: Office of St. Oswald (Durham Cathedral Priory, s. xii in.)

Printed Editions and Facsimiles



Sacramentarium Veronense: Cod. Bibl. Capit. Veron. LXXXV [80]. Edited by Leo Cunibert Mohlbert with Leo Eizenhöfer and Petrus Siffrin. Rerum Ecclesiasticarum Documenta, Series Maior, Fontes 1. Rome: Herder, 1956.

Sacramentarium Leonianum. Edited by Charles Lett Feltoe. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1896. []

“Old”/Vatican Gelasian

Liber sacramentorum Romanae Aeclesiae ordinis anni circuli (Cod. Vat. Reg. Lat. 316 / Paris Bibl. Nat. 7193, 41/56) (Sacramentarium Gelasianum). Edited by Leo Cunibert Mohlberg with Leo Eizenhöfer and Petrus Siffrin. Rerum Ecclesiasticarum Documenta, Series Major, Fontes 4. Rome: Herder, 1960.

Gelasian sacramentary: Liber sacramentorum Romanae ecclesiae. Edited by H. A. Wilson. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1894. []

“Gregorian” (Hadrianum, Paduense, Supplementum)

Le sacramentaire grégorien: Ses principales formes d’après les plus anciens manuscrits. Edited by Jean Deshusses. 3 vols. 3rd ed. of vol. 1, 2nd ed. of vols. 2–3. Spicilegum Friburgense 16, 24, 28. Freiburg, Switzerland: Éditions universitaires, 1988–92.

The Gregorian Sacramentary under Charles the Great Edited from Three Mss. of the 9th Century. Edited by H. A. Wilson. Henry Bradshaw Society 49. London: Harrison, 1915. []

Die älteste erreichbare Gestalt des Liber sacramentorum anni circuli der Römischen Kirche (Cod. Pad. D47, fol. 11r-100r). Edited and introduced by Kunibert Mohlberg. Study by Anton Baumstark. Liturgiewissenschaftliche Quellen und Forschungen 11–12. Münster, Westfalen: Aschendorff, 1967.

Office Antiphoners (with early Gradual-Antiphoners)

Albi, Bibliothèque municipale Rochegude, Manuscript 44: A Complete Ninth-Century Gradual and Antiphoner from Southern France. Edited by John A. Emerson. Completed by Lila Collamore. Ottawa: Institute of Mediæval Music, 2002.

Secondary Literature

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